14th Convention WORLD OF TRADE
NOVEMBER 5-6, 2021

Traditional New Year’s meeting of 200+ leading retailers from all CIS countries
with the best suppliers of FMCG goods, technologies and equipment for modern retail.

  • The Congress of Eurasian Trade
  • Exhibition of suppliers in the Convent Hypermarket
  • Shopping center World of Trade
  • Professional excursions to trade networks of Kazakhstan
  • New Year’s Eve dinner with retailers

Every year the Eurasian Trade Congress meets the best experts in international trade, the largest retailers and manufacturers, government officials and independent experts in order to discuss topical issues of the industry, make joint decisions and agree on goals for the next year.

Hypermarket of World of Trade Convention is a stylized store with real trade racks. All participants, regardless of their line of business, place their goods / catalogs / tasting products on shelves, saving on building traditional stands and delivering a large number of product samples.
Over the years, all retailers – partners of the Convention have come to love this format for presenting participants, which allows you to save time on logistics during a tour of the Hypermarket hall and see the goods immediately on the shelf.
For everyone who wants to organize a personal stand on the territory of the Hypermarket, there is always an opportunity to present their company on an area of 6 m2 or more.
Service providers for modern retail can use the Hypermarket to present their solutions directly on the Convention playground, implementing them in a “real” trading floor.

The shopping center World of Trade is a unique format for meetings of suppliers and retailers throughout the CIS.
200+ leading retailers and distributors from 10 CIS countries are invited to the negotiation tables at the same time in one hall to hold negotiations with suppliers.

Excursions to the trade networks of the Convention World of Trade is one of the significant events for all participants of the Convention World of Trade. Tours are headed only by top managers of leading retail chains, to whom all participants of the tour ask their direct questions. All excursions are carried out on a professional level with preliminary organization.

Gala Dinner of the Convention World of Trade is the most delicious and colorful part of the event. It is always here that the final negotiations, which began with the beginning of the World of Trade Convention, take place; acquaintances take place with participants whom they did not have time to meet and negotiate during the World of Trade Convention.
Each gala dinner is accompanied by a music program, competitions, gifts and industry awards, delicious food and great drinks.

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