From October 19 to 21, Almaty hosted the main convention of retailers from different countries with manufacturers and suppliers of goods, services and equipment for retail – the 18th World of Trade Convention.

The convention united retailers and distributors from Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Among the retail chains taking part in the event are Magnum Cash&Carry, Carefood, INMART, My Mart, JLC, Toimart, Svetofor, online stores Arbuz. kz, Clever, the largest supermarkets A-store and Airba Fresh from Kazakhstan, “Dobrotsen”, “Good Choice” from Russia, Bi1, Korzinka, Makro, Havas, TEGEN, BarakaMarket, M Cosmetic from Uzbekistan, EUROOPT, UNISTORE cash and carry, “7 Fridays” “Hit”, “Groszyk”, “Neighbors” from Belarus, “Paikar”, AMID from Tajikistan, Globus, “Narodny”, “Dostor”, SPAR from Kyrgyzstan, Rahat Market from Azerbaijan, Nikora from Georgia and others.


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Representatives of trade networks were able to negotiate with suppliers from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Serbia, Iran, Italy and Turkey.

One of the main objectives of the meeting of buyers and suppliers from different countries was the World of Trade Purchasing Center, where b2b negotiations took place. The participants were able to exchange direct contacts, discuss terms of cooperation and logistics and supply volumes. Negotiations were held in offline and online formats.

According to statistics, 30% of negotiations held at the World of Trade Convention lead to profitable deals in the future.

Traditionally, the World of Trade Congress opened with the Eurasian Trade Congress – the business part of the event, which brings together on the stage of the event leading experts from various spheres of retail, e-commerce, representatives of associations and analytical agencies.

The participants of the discussions during the two days of the event were Dmitry Provkin, CEO of Sulpak (Kazakhstan), Dmitry Revin, Chairman of the Union of Retail Real Estate Developers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, founder and co-owner of Aport malls (Kazakhstan), Maxim Gubanov, head of logistics projects of Wildberries in CIS countries, Ekaterina Dubkova, head of e-commerce department at INTERTOP (Kazakhstan), for the first time at the Convention Moulder Rysalieva, CEO of Ozon in Kazakhstan and Marat Zhunusov, e-commerce director of Technodom retail chain (Kazakhstan) and many others.

This year the organizers of the World of Trade Convention set a goal to expand the representation of trade directions at the event. The round table “Challenges and Opportunities for Retailers of Household Appliances and Electronics” was held in a closed format at the Convention. Among the invited guests were Dmitry Provkin, General Director of Sulpak (Kazakhstan), Azizbek Hasanboyev, Director of Installment Department of ISHONCH retail chain (Uzbekistan), Lazizbek Mamatov, HRD of ISHONCH retail chain (Uzbekistan), Anton Sudarikov, Commercial Director of TECHNODOM (Kazakhstan).

For the first time at the World of Trade Convention there was a new format of negotiations of more than 30 top executives of trading companies from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine – the Board of Directors, and for suppliers-participants of the World of Trade Convention – the Big Round Table of CIS retailers.

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An exclusive strategic session allowed to create a live dialog between suppliers and buyers, to learn the details of cooperation, open product categories and real successful cases of long-term cooperation between suppliers and leading retail chains.

Another important topic of the World of Trade Convention was product labeling and electronic catalogs. In the discussion panel “Effective implementation of product labeling: experience, best practices, solutions” participants shared their knowledge and practical experience in the field of product labeling, discussing methods of combating counterfeit goods and compliance with quality standards. Electronic catalogs also received a lot of attention as an important tool for effective assortment management and improved communication with customers in the discussion “Present and Future of Electronic Catalogs in Trade”.

The discussions were attended by representatives of labeling operators from Kazakhstan and Russia, the project “National Catalog of Goods” in Kazakhstan, the Council for the Implementation of Electronic Document Management of the Scientific and Technological Association “Confederation of Digital Business” from Belarus, the Wildberries Marketplace and the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken”.

On October 21, participants of the World of Trade Convention had a tour to Airba Fresh supermarket to share experience and knowledge about new approaches in retailing.

“This year we were able to integrate absolutely new directions into the usual format of the World of Trade Convention for suppliers and buyers and attract to the dialogues of the first persons not only of FMCG sector and technologies for retail, but also of electronics and household appliances and development. The experience was successful. We saw how much demand and interest there is in this trade direction. New retailers came to the convention, which means more opportunities for suppliers to develop their business,” said Elena Sargaldakova, the founder of the World of Trade Convention.

The next World of Trade Convention will be held in June 2024.





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