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The 16th International Convention World of Trade hosted in Almaty

The 16th International World of Trade Convention hosted in Almaty, from December 1 to December 3, – the main annual meeting of retailers, manufacturers and suppliers. Leading experts in the field of retail, representatives of the largest retail chains from different countries, manufacturers and government officials met at one place to discuss topical issues of international trade, find strategic partners and provide store shelves with new products.

Manufacturers from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Iran, as well as representatives of more than 50 retail chains participated at the Convention: Magnum Cash & Carry, SMALL, SPAR, INMART, Arbuz, CareFood, METRO, JLC, Colibri, “Korzina”, “Azbuka fish vkus”, Cosmart, Clever, IRBIS, RAD distribution, Altyn Food, Nearby, Yuzhny, Grapes from Kazakhstan, Lenta, Dobrotsen, Trust, Good Choice, Samberi, Komandor , Krasny Yar, Baton, One Two, Close, Leonardo, Union Eastern Retail Chains, Tutberry, Uppetit from Russia, Makro, Korzinka, M Cosmetic, Bi-1, ISHONCH from Uzbekistan, AMID, Paykar from Tajikistan, Narodny, Dostor, Globus, Frunze from Kyrgyzstan, Rakhat Market from Azerbaijan, Nikora from Georgia, SAS Group from Armenia and others.

As part of the three-day business program, which included plenary sessions, expert speeches, presentations and round tables, thematic blocks were also organized:

  • Purchasing center – online and offline negotiations between the management of leading retail chains and suppliers.
  • According to Elena Sargaldakova, organizer of the World of Trade Convention, the main goal of the congress is to create a comfortable platform for direct negotiations. To solve this problem, the Purchasing Center has been operating at the event for the 9th year, within which negotiations are held online and offline format.
  • Online negotiations are proving their effectiveness every year. Manufacturers from different countries, whose goal is to meet with the maximum number of retail chains, can present their products and interest retailers remotely during the two days of the Convention.
  • An exhibition in a traditional format and in a hypermarket format is the most effective way to demonstrate your products to buyers.
  • According to the participants, this format allows buyers to show how the product looks on the real store shelf, to familiarize them with the design of the packaging and, in general, with the assortment. The attention of buyers is focused only on the product and the manufacturer.
  • The Eurasian Trade Congress is a platform for meeting the heads of the highest authorities in the field of trade, representatives of leading retail chains, manufacturers, suppliers, and the best experts in the trade industry.
  • On the agenda of the 16th International World of Trade Convention was summing up the results of the outgoing year of the leading industry players, taking into account geopolitical problems and high inflation, and drawing up plans for 2023.
  • At the opening of the Eurasian Trade Congress, the First Vice Minister of the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan Arman Abaevich Shakkaliev spoke about the situation with civilized trade in Kazakhstan.

«The main role of increasing the trade turnover is played by modern trade formats that provide a wide range of products and hold various promotions, thanks to which you can purchase certain goods at lower prices. Along with this, each entity of the trading network seeks to create the best conditions for the buyer by providing them with large trading floors, high quality and level of service. At present, the share of modern trade formats in Kazakhstan has reached 31% of all retail,» the Vice Minister noted.

The participation of government representatives provided an opportunity for retailers to raise the pressing problems of the market, to give their vision of the situation and recommendations for improving the situation in the trading industry in today’s difficult realities.

Also at the Congress, the problems of the influence of the geopolitical situation in the world on the transformation of commodity flows were raised, the necessary measures to support the industry, the development of various trade formats and entering new markets, as well as the logistics reality in the CIS countries were discussed.

As was mentioned by Ivan Fedyakov, founder and CEO of the INFOLine news agency (Russia), noted at the Convention, despite inflation and geopolitical difficulties, retail turnover is growing in the markets of Central Asia. Thus, in Uzbekistan, there is an increase in retail trade turnover by 11.2%, and in Kazakhstan – by 1.2%. In Russia, on the contrary, it has fallen by 9.8% since February 2022.

The next World of Trade Convention will be held in Tashkent and Almaty in the first half of 2023.

The World of Trade Convention is organized by the international operator of business events in the retail industry EXIM EXPO and is held with the participation of the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan “Atameken”, the Center for the Trade Policy Development QazTrade, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, industry associations and associations of different countries.

The World Trade Convention is a private and commercial event. Registration of participants on the site

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