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Reviews from participants


Dear organizers of the 18th WORLD OF TRADE KAZAKHSTAN Convention! The Baraka Market company (Uzbekistan) expresses its deep gratitude for the opportunity to take part in this productive event. In 3 days, we exchanged work experience with colleagues from other countries, held more than 20 effective negotiations (potentially 5 of them could be working) with potential suppliers, and also saw in practice how retail in Kazakhstan works! We wish the team continued success in their next projects and look forward to joining them!

The organization of negotiations was on the highest level, all information was given in a timely manner, everything is planned, everything works according to schedule, they even took into account recharging for phones and this is pleasing. More than 20 negotiations were held in 2 days. We are planning 3-4 contracts.

There were about 50 companies at the negotiating table, of which we predict 15-20 contracts.
For the event: easy registration, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, a huge number of suppliers
Responsive, punctual, smiling)) We liked everything.

The organization of the Purchasing Center, as last time, is at the highest level. I would like to thank all the organizers of this event. About 15 meetings were held. The number of forecasted transactions depends on the proposals of suppliers, but approximately 3-5.

I met with 18 suppliers at the negotiating table. Concluded 3 agreements of intent with suppliers from Russia. Thank you for the invitation, everything was perfectly organized. At the highest level, I really liked everything.

I am really very pleased with the whole organization and hospitality that you organized for us.
The conditions for negotiations and coffee breaks are excellent.
Negotiations were held with more than 22 manufacturers, where we already understand and are again discussing plans for cooperation with 5 of them.

Thank you for the invitation, I really liked everything. The format is wonderful! We will continue to participate!
More than 20 meetings were held. I can say for sure that there is interest in at least 5 suppliers.
I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers, everything was as clear and comfortable as possible.

It was lively enough. Interesting questions were raised and the message that we brought to the audience from the platform is positive. In my opinion, this should stimulate the Kazakhstan market for the growth that we predicted. This is a good platform for those who are interested in selling and those who are interested in buying in order to develop their relationship. I think that such formats have a great future.

There are events aimed at the participation of the public sector, and there are events created specifically for business, for lively conversation and problem solving. Here I saw the second case. This is very pleasant, because the atmosphere is conducive to tell, share, you can openly ask questions, discuss something. This is very valuable. First, manufacturing companies can find out the e-commerce development strategies in the country, if there are any restrictions. Ask questions directly to representatives of online platforms and get answers to them. This will help them orient themselves and work this year.

In times of crisis, due to the fact that many pseudo-experts begin to fill the information vacuum, expert platforms for business are very important.

Since our product is specific, we found one supplier for ourselves (Serbia berries), and two potential partners for sauces and berry processing. Overall, I think the event was productive. Thank you.

We had many meetings, approximately 60% of the products offered are relevant today. There must be contracts, and I really want them to be, but everything depends not only on us. Our terms of cooperation are very beneficial for companies, but there are a number of issues that the companies themselves will have to resolve with our food safety agency. I, in turn, will direct the process in the right direction to solve these issues.

Thank you for the invitation! Approximately, I have held about 30 meetings, and now we are starting to receive commercial proposals for consideration. Unfortunately, it is still difficult to say how many contracts we will be able to conclude. This will depend on several factors. In any case, this format of meetings and events is interesting for our company!

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to find new suppliers.
We had 17 meetings, of which we plan to sign 2-3 contracts.

Good afternoon. Thanks for the invitation. I liked the event; it definitely made serious progress in terms of quality. A little more than 30 representatives of suppliers held an initial presentation of their range of products, of which 7 are currently under consideration, 3 will definitely be included in the contract. Sooooo cool speaker Dmitry (Apport), my admiration! Unfortunately, there was no opportunity to communicate closer.

There were 10 general meetings.
There is 1 company in the gastronomy category that is of interest.
For drinks, one company is possible and we will work directly.
For groceries, we will probably work with 3-4 companies.
In chemistry, 2 companies were interesting. We don’t know yet whether we will take their product or not. You need to discuss terms and prices with everyone. Therefore, everything is still under consideration. But I think several companies will work with us.

Thank you very much for organizing such an event. Thank you for the invitation to join. This year there were very fruitful negotiations. We were able to communicate on categories that interested us. We will wait for an invitation next year.

Thanks a lot. As always, the organization is at the highest level. There were many meetings, I won’t name the exact number, but more than 10 for sure.
I can highlight 4-5 that are really useful, which should (already previously agreed upon at the convention) result in a contract.

There were several useful meetings. I suspect that it is possible to conclude an agreement with 2-3 suppliers, everything will depend on prices and product samples. From my experience, even one contract after the convention is already a good result that brings benefits.

Everything was organized at a high level. Thanks a lot!
We are very pleased with the organization of the conference, the selection of speakers, and the topics. We express our deep gratitude to the conference organizers for the rich and fruitful conference program, its high professional level and the relevance of the proposed topics.
We had excellent meetings with suppliers, we selected about 10 suppliers with whom we plan to enter into contracts.

The organization was good. The number of meetings held with suppliers was 34 meetings.
It’s still difficult to answer on the number of forecast contracts; we need analytics.

Previously, there were many small suppliers, but now they are adequate and we need them. I think we will definitely have partnership deals with some of them. The total number of meetings is about 120, more than 20 manufacturers were hired.

We express our deep gratitude to the organizers of the World of Trade Purchasing Center for a very friendly atmosphere, for meeting truly professionals in their field, for the high professional level and relevance of the proposed suppliers. 25-30 meetings were held with suppliers, we predict about 10 contracts.

We liked everything, the organization was at a high level (it was easy to find, the organizers answered all our questions). The meeting format is very convenient. We have held about 10 negotiations and expect to sign contracts with at least 5 manufacturers. Invite us more)

Everything is well organized and carried out. About 10 meetings were held at the negotiating table. Regarding contracts, we don’t know yet, we think at least 3.

I express my deep gratitude for the efficient organization of the Purchasing Center. We were doubly pleased to take part in the event, since we came from another country. Everything was clear, according to the schedule. Special thanks for the evening’s leisure and getting to know all the retail participants. We will be glad to further participate in such events. The number of meetings held with suppliers is 35. The number of forecast contracts is 12.

I held about 25-30 initial negotiations with food suppliers. Moreover, most of them are manufacturers, that is especially pleasing. As we working directly with manufacturers, we avoid intermediaries. That affects the final price for the buyer in a positive direction, reducing its cost by 30, and somewhere even 40%. It is easier to work with manufacturers on individual orders, including private labels. Based on the results of the negotiations, I can say that of those suppliers with whom negotiations were held, we will continue with 10-15 on further cooperation. We have already signed contracts with some of the suppliers and are cooperating, so we talked about the range and new products.
In general, I would like to say that organizing such meetings in this format is very convenient and productive. That is, we are covering specific suppliers that interest us. Thank you for the clear organization and information content.

I really liked the preliminary work with the lists of suppliers. In general, the organization of all the work was cool. Three hours of work in the purchasing center were as productive as possible - all thanks to your employees. And of course, thank you very much for the information you provided on suppliers. The number of meetings held with suppliers is 20. The number of forecast contracts is 5.

We negotiated with more than 40 suppliers. More than 15 of them were interest to us. Aimed at cooperation. Regarding the conclusion of the contract, of course, we will communicate about the terms and price list. At least the products and the conditions that were broadcast by the suppliers initially interested us.

The opinion about the purchasing center is positive, polite, accessible. 20 negotiations have been held, of which we predict about 5 contracts.

Many thanks to the organizers, it was comfortable and productive, everyone actively helped and did not leave us unattended. My wish is to increase the space for negotiations. The number of meetings held with suppliers is 11. The number of forecast contracts is 3.

Organization was at the highest level, warm welcome. Friendly atmosphere. 34 meetings have been held, but it’s too early to say about the agreements. I am gradually contacting suppliers.

Negotiations were held with 19 companies, 3 are potential so far, but need to be analyzed.
The organization is excellent, no problems, everything runs smoothly.
You worked really hard on this and it turned out great. Thank you very much for your efforts in this matter.

The organization was at the highest level, everything was organized in such a way that all actions related to the search for Suppliers and negotiations were clear. 10 meetings were held, of which 6 were potential partners.

I would like to note the excellent organization, excellent attitude and hospitality. Everything is organized 100 points! 25 meetings were held around the table. We are planning 6-7 contracts, quantity will depends on prices)).

We preliminary plan to conclude 4 agreements based on the results of the event, on which a decision has already been made.

We have held about 20 negotiations with suppliers, and we plan to sign at least 8 contracts.
The purchasing center is organized at a high level. I really liked this format of communication.

I am grateful to the organizers for the organization, the organization was at the highest level. I am very pleased with the holding of the event. The number of meetings with suppliers is 20. The number of forecast contracts is 1-2.

Everything was organized at a high level. Thanks a lot! More than ten meetings were held, of which we are planning 1-3 contracts.

About 50 negotiations have been held, we predict up to 10 contracts - this is a very good conversion. There are many new suppliers in the Purchasing Center. Thank you for the invitation and good organization
See you at new events.

The Purchasing Center was organized very well, it was convenient for both manufacturers/suppliers and buyers. We managed to conduct negotiations, get acquainted with and try the products. The number of meetings held with suppliers at the negotiating table was 16. The number of predicted agreements based on the results of these meetings is 7.

Good idea, convenient theme and created amenities. I met with 50 suppliers, 10-15 are real.

We held about 15 meetings. We are currently in correspondence with 4 companies.
A BIG THANK YOU to the organizers of the World of Trade Purchasing Center! Everything is organized at the highest level - right down to personal accompaniment of entry into the business area. A very convenient format for productive negotiations, after which you can accurately plan a schedule for visiting exhibition stands and getting to know the products.

Meetings were held with more than 30 companies. The number of contracts will be revealed in the process of further negotiations.
Everything went perfectly! No questions. Well done organizers!

Everything was organized at a high level. Thanks a lot!
The number of meetings held with suppliers at the negotiating table was 25.
The number of predicted contracts based on the results of these meetings is 2-3.

Big thanks to your team and you especially for the work done in organizing the World of Trade Purchasing Center at the WorldFood 23 exhibition. We liked everything - you are simply great. We held 40 meetings and plan to conclude 2-3 contracts.

Good afternoon! Elena, thank you very much for the invitation. I'll be happy to write a few words :). 1. There was not enough dialogue, questions and answers. I think there should be more discussions. 2. Sound problems interfered a lot. 3. Meetings with suppliers - very useful and cool! 4. It is necessary to force people to sit in discussions :), otherwise many people decided their own affairs and created noise. 5. In general, a useful event and we hope that thanks to it we will have new suppliers in Uzbekistan 🙂 Undoubtedly, this is an important event, because it is an opportunity to look at colleagues in other countries, to see the trends that take place in certain countries and in networks. In addition, this is a unique opportunity to get to know the suppliers. And for us it is an opportunity to conclude new contracts.

I think this is a very good and useful event, because this is an opportunity in particular for us, for the Umai Group company, the leader in Kyrgyzstan in terms of FMCG retail, to tell about ourselves and communicate closely with colleagues. These forums, I believe, will have a positive impact on the development of retail in the Central Asian region.

Thank you very much for the invitation to participate in this forum. I regret that we could not come personally, but I promise that we will definitely come next year))). However, during online negotiations, we had more than 8 meetings with suppliers from different countries: Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia, etc. In the following categories: Flour, pasta, confectionery, sports nutrition, canned vegetables, syrups, plastic products, products for face and body care. The assortment was discussed for deliveries to the Bi1 Uzbekistan chain of stores and the possibility of delivering to Bi1 and Auchan Tajikistan. Today we have needs for some categories that we can consider for delivery to Uzbekistan, as well as send proposals to our colleagues in Tajikistan. If there is a need for these categories, they will contact these suppliers. If there are competitive offers for Uzbekistan, then we will be ready to discuss the possibility of cooperation with these suppliers.

For us, these are new perspectives, new acquaintances. Retail is changing, therefore, I believe that such meetings are useful for both parties, both suppliers and us retailers. The negotiations were productive. There are firms that we are interested in. In the process, we will discuss with them cooperation in details. We took contacts.

Thank you very much for inviting and hosting the event. My small feedback: I liked the format of the event - due to the correct arrangement and place itself a friendly atmosphere was formed, which in turn encourages more productive negotiations. As you noted in the conversation, due to the fact that you pass by someone many times, contact and conversation is inevitable 🙂 It was especially nice to see such interest in exporting to Georgia and cooperation with our company from suppliers. We came here in order to find more contacts, to get acquainted with suppliers and with the opportunity to potentially conclude contracts. The impression of the event is good. Surprisingly, there is no free time between negotiations with suppliers.

Our respected manufacturers, our suppliers were very open and very friendly to cooperate, provide their products and sell them in our country as well.

We talked to the suppliers, thank you very much! One of the supplier became interesting for us – so the cooperation may be develop!

Thank you for organizing the event! Invite us more!

The world of trade is in any case the best and largest retail event in Kazakhstan. Unfortunately, the sound was somewhat disappointing, it was difficult to listen to the speakers. Meetings at the convention were useful and interesting.

Good evening, thank you for the excellent organization!!! The event was held in one breath every day, a lot of useful information, contacts and new ideas. Special thanks for the hospitality and warm atmosphere. On the eve of the New Year, I wish you more interesting projects, strength, inspiration and health for their implementation! As we say in Bashkortostan ZUR RAKHMAT! We will be glad to meet again!

Thank you Elena for inviting me. Since our last visit, it is clear that you have gained momentum: in terms of the number of producers, the quality of content. Kalmykov gives good information, it was useful to listen to the plans for the development of local networks. Of course, I would like more manufacturers from Kazakhstan, since we already know Russian ones or learn at Russian exhibitions). In general, thanks for the good organization, I especially noted the organized lunch). If you invite us next time, we might consider inviting us as a speaker - let's share our experience). There were several purposes of the visit to Kazakhstan for this event. First, look at and adopt the experience of colleagues working in this market. Secondly, of course, the main goal is to search for new contacts of manufacturers and suppliers. In the current realities, this is a very relevant story.

I want to thank the organizers and all participants for the opportunity to visit the World of Trade Convention. The significance of this event for the entire business community of the Republic is difficult to overestimate. It was the most effective meeting of representatives of modern trade, manufacturers from all over the world and government members, within which it was possible to discuss the main important business issues, learn about current trends and opportunities in the market, establish new business contacts, listen to lectures by leading speakers in the field of trade development and management. It was possible to extract the maximum practical value for these 2 days! I would be happy to participate in such events in the future.

Thanks for the event! It was interesting to work in the format of non-stop meetings with potential partners, to hear new CPs and to exchange contacts. The event is well organised. In general, I liked the part with direct negotiations with potential partners and suppliers the most. It was possible to hold about 15-20 short negotiations. We exchanged contacts. Let's hope that someone will be able to build a mutually beneficial cooperation.

I am in Kazakhstan, in Almaty for the first time. I came here at the invitation to the exhibition to tell about myself, about the experience that we have gone through for almost 5 years, about the “bumps” that we have filled along the way, to share with the guys who are going to get into ready-made food and small format, about the mistakes which they could have slipped through, but which we, accordingly, could not slip through. Maybe it will help them.

We are always present at these events. Many thanks to the organizers represented by Elena Sargaldakova. For ourselves personally, here we find new partners, suppliers and interesting moments in IT solutions. We acquired 10% of all new IT solutions at these congresses.

It was interesting for me to take part in the congress, it was very interesting, of course, to keep my word. Ivan is an amazingly comfortable moderator, a pleasure. To be honest, I lacked not only the opportunity to speak, but also to listen. There were very few of us. If there is a similar event directly in my profile - fashion retail - then I will definitely and gladly participate 🙂

It is very interesting for all of us to meet and exchange experiences. And we thank the organizers for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to plunge into the world of retail, meet our friends, partners, share experience and future forecasts.

Elena, good afternoon, thank you for the invitation, the exhibition was very useful, I found some interesting proposals. Everything is well organized!

Thanks for the event! In an hour, we managed to talk with 12 suppliers. Pleasantly surprised that there were suppliers from Iran. At the next events, we would like more meetings with suppliers from Kazakhstan. And there were small problems with the quality of communication, the conference was hanging.

Big thanks to the organizers of the event. There was a lot of useful information. We exchanged contacts both in terms of purchasing products for our Networks and IT solutions that can facilitate business processes in our work! We are waiting for the next invitations, we will be happy to take part in new events

I have only positive feedback about this event!

Such kind of events are opened up new horizons for cooperation and communication at the bilateral level. The format of the convention, in my opinion, is practical, since it is not only theoretical knowledge. This practice and communication is not with intermediaries and representative offices, but directly with manufacturing plants, which provides a unique opportunity to find a convenient variation in price and quality. This format is very effective. The effect is displayed directly in the conclusion of contacts. A lot of companies came up and held short negotiations. Some of the food destination offers were very interesting. If there are any problems of a bilateral nature, they can be immediately resolved with current partners. A very comfortable platform.

This is our second time of participation at this convention. Unfortunatly, due to pandemic situation It was not possible to come, but we were online. During our last meeting, we talked with more than 10 suppliers from the CIS countries. We had contracts and results.

Our company considers Kazakhstan as a strategic direction for the development of our own import assortment. We would like to get to know the companies personally, gain experience from other interaction partners, share our experience. It was interesting for us to consider logistical ways, to work them out with partners who will provide us with the opportunity to deliver the goods. At the convention there is an opportunity to get to know them personally, to discuss detailed issues for the development of cooperation. The event began with a market overview. For us, as retailers, this is very important information, because it is an inside view of the country with which we want to cooperate.

MAKRO is always looking for reliable and good big manufacturers. There is a good chance at the convention. There are many manufacturers from the CIS regions. We have already negotiated, and I hope that in the future we will definitely conclude contracts. There is one big advantage of the convention - before lunch there were interesting presentations and a discussion panel of professionals in their field.

We are interested in entering other suppliers, little bit changing the supply structure. Moreover, we are interested in developing the CIS markets, including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. The trip is interesting because it is an exchange of experience and contacts.

The purpose of the visit was to meet with companies that will become real partners for in future. In 2018, we were already visited the convention. Here you can find new partners and gain new knowledge, because there is one platform where you can meet people who share them not from books, but by feeling from their own experience. The format of the convention is very lively, because in business, live communication where there are emotions is very important. Elena is perfect! She knows how to get the right people together every time and be sure to bring them closer. And after, when you return to your work, there is information on the shelves that you will need later.

A very interesting and useful event, first of all, to meet new partners. There are a lot of contracts that I think we will be able to work out in the future. If there are good conditions, normal purchase prices, we will be able to start and test online, because we are aimed at enriching the buyer with a variety of assortment. It is also an interesting platform for the exchange of experience, because it is informative to get information about other retail chains and from colleagues from other countries. Useful convention for small producers. Here they understand the requirements, how best to enter the retail network and on what to pay attention to, etc.

I've been on the convention 7 or 8 times. Always the organization is on the top. Big thanks to Elena! Thank you so much for the shopping table. Always after the World of trade convention we leave with concluded contracts. This time the geography has expanded, these are Azerbaijan, Armenia and Belarus. We are always happy to participate in such kind of events.

We attended the negotiating table. We talked with some of our manufacturers, with new partners. We have identified a new product for ourselves in order to promote it in our network and to provide this product to our end consumer. As you know, we had a quarantine period when there was a situation with a lack of assortment on the shelf. Therefore, these events are very important to us.

It is very effective in the sense that we can immediately talk face-to-face with suppliers, discuss some conditions, and this, of course, is exciting and useful for us. Here are our direct customers, to whom we ourselves can supply goods, now my colleagues are also negotiating. We hope there will be a result.

The format of negotiations with a large number of suppliers is very convenient, because it saves a lot of time. In the blitz survey mode, several suppliers pass at once and offer their products. On the spot we can control and cut off the proposals we need and do not need. I liked the event very much. I think that in the future our network will visit him in order to expand our relations with other suppliers, receive new offers, as well as new interesting information.

This is not the first time we have been participating. Every year we really like this event, we attend it with pleasure. We learn something new for ourselves every year. That is, this is not such a banal format of the event that every year is somewhere the same. Yes, there are certain charts, numbers that vary only. The format of the event is very interesting to me. The audience coverage is very large. It attracts that many countries participate.

I think that such events should be held, because at the moment everything goes electronically, by mail. All this is thrown, someone did not have time to read, someone did not see, a lot of letters from suppliers. And this format allows, I think, people to communicate live, see, present a certain product, make a presentation. To a large network, you need to make an appointment before you approach, give a presentation. This takes time. Here, in principle, in one day you can collect a lot of useful contacts.

Better than online, you can see the product live and talk with the provider of the company or distributor.

Very comfortable too. In half a day we received general information, there were presentations. And half a day we communicate with manufacturers, with suppliers. It is very comfortable. It's great when you sit and people come up to you and offer products and services. We collected a lot of business cards, agreed, and are waiting for an exchange of information following the meeting.

This is not the first time I participate in these events. Everything has been done at the highest level. Speakers are chosen very carefully and competently. And most importantly, topical topics that need to be discussed at the current time in Kazakhstan. Relationships are improving, understanding of which players are present in the market.

In fact, this site is already 10 years old. And I have been to many conventions and many conferences within the framework of this platform. I can say that I see how the site is being transformed, how it is developing, how it has moved into a completely new format. From the so-called "sitting" conference, the format moved to the world of procurement, to the possibility of meetings between suppliers and retailers. This is an important, interesting platform. In my opinion, after all, the main platform for food retail in the country and even in the region.

A large number of retailers are gathering. It seems to me that at different times, in different months, slightly different teams, different retailers, suppliers come. For the development of the market, for the interaction of retailers and suppliers, this is a very important and useful event.

A very interesting platform for communication with both suppliers and retail chains. I think that in the future this Convention will expand, because trade is a very large part of the economy in Kazakhstan. There is no large unified platform for communications in the field of trade. And I really hope that the Convention will become such a great platform for communications between various groups - suppliers, retail chains, government agencies and others - for communications, for the development of trade and the economy of Kazakhstan.

We always participate in this event. Because here at the same time a large number of our potential and existing partners can convey our view on the development of retail

Every forum we conclude new contracts with suppliers. In this Convention, 3 immediately concluded on the site.

Yesterday during the negotiations, in 2.5 hours I managed to hold 32 meetings. At one site a large number of suppliers are concentrated that may be of interest to us.

The convention was very productive. We held negotiations with 17 companies, 8 of them are interesting, we will continue the coordination.

The organization is at the highest level. There were a lot of negotiations and a lot of results. There will be contracts with retailers and equipment supplier NHL Retail. It's great! The result is there.

At the site held 15 negotiations with 3 suppliers are now at the conclusion stage. Generally very much. There was a lot of information. It was interesting to share experience with other networks. Thank you for the good organizational work.

I feel like there is a lot we can do here. We are interested in buying Kazakhstan goods to sell them in Afghanistan. We can work in two ways.

Here you can meet with representatives of local business in one place for 2 days, agree on supplies. We met with 2 companies, with whom we will definitely meet further.

We negotiated with 21 suppliers. Of these, we plan to cooperate with 9-11 suppliers. The venue is excellent for negotiating Retailers and Manufacturers / Suppliers. It is convenient to come and learn about the latest trends of Retail, and see all your future Partners.

Impressions are as positive as possible! It is a very rich program. I cannot give an exact figure, but in the format of negotiations, I think 95% of the declared companies came to me. We still receive offers, from manufacturers with whom I communicated at the convention, send to responsible colleagues, and calculate the cost. We plan to work with Uzbekistan, in connection with the Association of Exporters

Kazakhstan is far from Georgia, but it is still interesting how the retail market is developing. We exchanged experiences, contacts, scheduled meetings for further work

Each time the level gets higher. It can be seen that you are progressing. Not all speakers are interested in listening, but I understand that this is a state one. officials and they, in principle, always act like that. J But mostly interesting speakers. Since we have our own specifics, which is different from most networks. Some of the issues (“pain” of most networks) that were discussed are not entirely relevant for us. But in general, you are doing a great job and move the industry forward!

I would like to express my gratitude to you for the invitation and the perfectly organized event.
We conducted about 20 negotiations, during which the exchange of contact information took place. We are currently negotiating terms and requesting additional information from 4 vendors, including software vendors.

Thank you for organizing a large-scale event. For two days we had a lot of interesting talks and acquaintances. At the moment, 2 companies have already contacted us and negotiations are underway. Organization at a high level, very interesting trainings, a trainer, debates. The only minus of this trip is a little free time, more attention is paid to practical meetings, for example, visits to markets. We will be glad to take part in the following meetings.

We held 9 negotiations with suppliers, with 2 100% we will start cooperation. Everything was great !!!

As a distribution company, we participated in a similar event for the first time. The format of direct negotiations was pleasantly surprised. I would like to note the preparedness of the manufacturers of the parties to the Convention, in a short time you get the most complete picture of the products. Manufacturers of household chemicals would like to see more, because The market of Kazakhstan requires new brands, and we are ready to consider new offers in this product category.

Many suppliers, retailers. The experts in the sessions are well chosen. Many held talks with Kazakhstany manufacturers. I am sure that contracts with Ukrainian networks will be in continuation of these meetings.

Thank you for inviting us, we are happy to be part of this event. We held about 10 negotiations, cooperation will depend on the prices of products. We agreed with the manufacturers to continue communication. A very good opportunity to explore the market not only in Kazakhstan but a range from other countries participating in the Convention.

We arrived in Kazakhstan. For exchange of experience, meetings and acquaintances with suppliers. We saw new brands, found a lot of interesting things.

For the first time, they were able not only to familiarize themselves with the products, but also to conduct direct negotiations. We are ready to continue negotiations with two manufacturers from Russia. We have begun to consider contracts, and we hope to very soon we will be able to present new interesting trademarks on the Kazakhstan market.

We are the first time in Kazakhstan. We are interested in different products competitive, we study the market. Interested in flour products, canned food and alcohol. Everything may be interesting to our customers.

It is not the first time of our participation, every year more and more interesting. It is important that this platform is also for retailers, where we can exchange ideas and emotions. We get experience. Invite more suppliers.

We held quite a lot of negotiations, negotiations are underway with new companies, I think with several of them we will establish relations. According to the Convention as a whole, I can give a high estimate, according to the organization and essence. For my part, thank you for the invitation and I will be glad to participate in the future.

Tatyana Rudenko, Head of Foreign Economic Activity Directorate, Commander, Russia.

During the event, negotiations were held with more than 50 suppliers from different countries. I would like to mention the excellent organization of the event. The format of the event, which combines both the business part and negotiations with suppliers, is very interesting. During the event, problems and issues of relations between suppliers, in particular fruit and vegetable products, and retail chains were raised, namely: the organization of storage of products, cooling of goods before loading. It was also interesting to attend trainings for suppliers and purchasers. On my own behalf, I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for the cordial welcome, coordination during the event and escort during the excursions.

For me, as a distributor, it is very important to find a good supplier and that such direct suppliers come from foreign countries and I have the opportunity to go directly. We had a good negotiation. We will definitely continue to work


Nowadays, trade as a whole is essential for the development of the country's economy. But we also see, taking into account the difficult geopolitical situation and the post-pandemic period, that trade flows and routes are being transformed today, logistics is changing. Under these conditions, present conference has high importance. We have the opportunity to negotiate with the main players in the market, with supplier participants about what prospects we should see in this difficult time in terms of improving state regulations, and in terms of asking for fairness in relations between retail and suppliers. It is very important. I am sure that such events are purely practical. In addition to discussion and exchange of opinions, specific trading operations and transactions will take place here. All this gives us optimism and confidence that the development of the trade sector in Kazakhstan will only go up.

I have visited the World of Trade Convention in Almaty in June. I was surprised by the format of the event, a real working platform for the business. Big amount foreign retailers. It was nice to see the activity of our suppliers from the CPE in different regions in the purchasing session and at the stands. An excellent opportunity to present your products and learn about the requirements of foreign buyers, large networks and distributors to organize cooperation. I hope that Russian companies will have new contracts after the Convention. I recommend paying attention to this format of B2B meetings to all Export Support Centers.

Dear Sargaldakovs Kanatbek Saduakasovich and Elena Rafikovna! The Export Support Center Foundation of the Krasnodar Territory expresses gratitude for the active and effective assistance in organizing and conducting a business mission of companies from the Krasnodar Territory to the Republic of Kazakhstan. We thank you for your assistance and look forward to further fruitful cooperation in realizing our goals and achieving the expected results.

This is the largest platform in Kazakhstan in this segment. It is simply necessary to support the organizers and participants of the convention. This convention had a success. Topics that were discussed in two days are the most relevant for today. Many thanks to the organizers. So good understand and make sessions with these topics - I take off my hat.

This is a very important event for the region as a whole, because such b2b sites are currently being developed. Our entrepreneurs are used to participating in the format of exhibitions. This format is unique in that your meetings with potential buyers are worked out in advance. Here, the buyers are retail chains. We are moving away from bazaars, modern retail chains are already emerging, and, therefore, we need to be able to do business with these networks. And in this regard, the EXIM EXPO offer is timely and provides a unique opportunity to learn about the requirements, how to do business with retailers in general and negotiate directly with representatives of these networks.

Thanks a lot to the organizers of the World of Trade Convention, held in Almaty in October 23! A very interesting event where you can gain live information related to exports to the CIS countries. Negotiations with networks in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, both offline and online, were perfectly organized. We managed to agree with many retail chains to include in their matrix the range of products produced by our Company. All meetings were useful. I plan about 5-6 contracts.

Thank you for the excellent opportunity to have direct contact with representatives of retail in the CIS and CU countries. The most productive part of the convention, in my opinion, was the negotiation session with the barges of networks. We are currently negotiating with several partners.

Our product is quite specific, of course, we were mainly interested in retailers.
We took about 15 contacts through networks, I can’t predict yet.
In general, we liked everything, met the right and interesting people.
Thank you for organizing and being loyal to our company.

On behalf of our company, I thank you for the opportunity to participate in the World of Trade Convention. We are participating for the second time and, I think, no less effective than the first one.
I was able to personally meet with all potential partners with whom I negotiated over the telephone and by correspondence.
Showed interest in our company and our products.
7 (seven) meetings were held with the prospect of further cooperation.
In general, there were many more meetings and negotiations (more than ten), but I think we will complete 3-4 projects before signing the contract.
In general, I liked everything, the organization of the event was at a high level, nothing superfluous.

On behalf of the company, I would like to thank you for the invitation to this convention. This, in our opinion, is an excellent opportunity to receive valuable contacts and introduce the company in one place and in the shortest possible time. From this convention we received about 10 important contacts, and some of them will help us open several new markets at once!
We shared over 50 business cards, since some managers were unable to attend this event for various reasons, their employees collected the data. I'm sure there will be more new contracts.
Stay in touch and be sure to call us again!

Thank you for organizing this event, there was a lot of useful information, interesting meetings, and a lot of impressions! There were approximately 12 negotiation meetings, of which, according to our forecasts, 9 were fruitful! Thanks again!

We met different representatives from different industries. We also established contacts with many distributors. I think we will get contracts with large markets and hypermarkets. This meeting is very useful for both suppliers, manufacturers and retailers. I especially liked the seminars on e-commerce, since we not only exhibit our products in hypermarkets and retail outlets, but also promote them through marketplaces. Everything is very informative and useful for the outlook of managers and their employees, and provides some motivation to find different alternatives for advancement. Many thanks to the organizers.

As always, it was a great event to update information of the world of trade in Central Asia and expand your network of contacts.
I can’t give a specific forecast, but thanks to such an event, there is always the possibility of future contracts.

In connection with visiting the 18th World of Trade Convention in Kazakhstan, we would like, on behalf of the entire team of the Service Plus group of companies, to express our deep gratitude to the organizers and participants of this event. Thanks to this conference, we were able to communicate with top managers of leading retail chains in Kazakhstan, expand business connections, get acquainted with the peculiarities of the local market and study the work of one of the chains on an organized excursion.
Thank you for the opportunity to share your expertise and make presentations on self-service technology and the effective implementation of CSR. Note that many participants expressed deep interest in our self-service scales with a video product recognition system. We will consider the participation on the next year.

I really liked it. Firstly, you can feel the atmosphere that everyone is very friendly and open to each other. There are already many business cards with useful contacts. And in general, the format is very pleasant, when you can sit down with any retailer, tell about yourself and get contacts. That is, the format when everyone is sitting and happy to hear from you, it’s really very nice.

We have negotiated with some chains, I mean we have already exchanged contacts. This is the first time we are attending an event of this magnitude, because usually these were exhibitions, but here was more negotiation practice. We are really liked it.

The main goal is to meet new potential partners, get feedback from existing market players. Quite a tight schedule of negotiations. We have communicated non-stop.

I think that the Convention is useful. It is useful to meet with market players, in particular with retail, and also during the speech discuss the plans for the next year, it was interesting to hear what retail plans for the next year in order to be in trend. From my point of view, it is important that people came and exchanged plans, so that they move approximately in one direction, plus shared their experience.

For us, this is a very good experience. Everything was good organized and provided, all conditions. Impressions, of course, are very positive. We hope that at this event we will definitely achieve our goals with which we came.

Conference venues make it possible to give market participants the platform from which they could broadcast their thoughts and ideas. I am very glad that there is such a platform in Kazakhstan, that at the end of the year we were able to take stock of this very difficult outgoing year, to talk about plans for the next year. And it seems to me that the tasks that we set for ourselves within the framework of this conference were successfully solved. But by no means will we stop there. Such events should be held in the future, and next year we will definitely return, and I am sure that we will have something to talk about in the framework of such meetings. And of course, for the successful development of the markets of our countries, such events are needed, and it is great that we are doing this with the organizers of this conference.

The World of Trade Convention in Kazakhstan is a wonderful event that growing up every year more and more. This is the event that brings together manufacturers, suppliers and retailers from several countries of the Central Asian region. We had a great number of specific practical negotiation sessions at the Convention between suppliers and manufacturers. At these practical sessions at the partner tables, issues are resolved about the conclusion of the supply of goods, about the relationship, and thus, with every minute of the Convention, we increase the growth of the retail industry for Kazakhstan.

We really liked the event. We are at such an exhibition for the first time. Everything is interesting. We managed to negotiate with one network of Kazakhstan. Maybe we can agree on something.

Quite interesting in terms of content and participants in this market. Although we are suppliers for this market, we were also interested to know where the direction is heading, what kind of development is there in the markets of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and so on, trends in these markets and opportunities.

We need some kind of platform that would gather giants and not only in one place. We were able to build some kind of dialogue and come to a common understanding, to understand our common pains, what our plans are, and what we should come to in the next six months, when we meet. I liked the part with tricky questions. They don't always ask questions you don't prepare for. It was interesting to listen to the unsuccessful cases of colleagues, to draw some conclusions for myself, how not to do it. We met partners whom we could not “reach out” for a long time, we have already met with some partners not for the first time, we continue to maintain our relations. It was very cool.

The main goal of our participating is ability to enter the retail market of Kazakhstan, as well as to search for distributors, that is, partners for further development, representation in these markets. Organizational moments were excellent, I really liked it. Everything is smartly organized. It is very convenient to hold meetings, negotiations, present your products. In the future, this event will be fruitful for our company, I think. This is a platform for access to foreign markets.

We were very happy to hear about this event. We participate for the first time, for us it is a new experience. Today has been a busy bright day. We had a lot of conversations. We look forward to repeating such a fruitful experience in the future. A very bright event, there were bright performances. We are glad that we have the opportunity to present our product to such a large audience.

We have found very useful contacts, because we want to expand specifically to Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Very cool format. I liked that a lot of speakers present real cases, and that you can find a lot of good acquaintances here.

High level of organization. Everything goes smoothly, in a good, positive atmosphere. Today, half a day has passed, we have already made some contacts, for example, in the Kyrgyz Republic. Therefore, I think that everything will be quite fruitful in these two or three days, if we have already achieved certain results in such a short period of time.

We came to such an event for the first time in order to find new partners in countries that are interesting to us for development. These are Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. The program is designed to be of interest to manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. A lot of useful information. I looked at the statistics that were announced here today, learned some interesting facts for myself, which we will discuss in the future at our enterprise and correspond to the directions and trends that are currently present on the market.

I think it was a very productive day today. We had a lot of contacts, a lot of negotiations. Now we will try to work out all these negotiations. We look forward to further cooperation.

This is my first time participating in this. I like that. You can see everyone at once and talk to everyone at once. Already Eurospar and other companies are interested in our product.

We believe that the exhibition is very useful. There was a very interesting conference today, where we highlighted a lot of useful information. We hope that we will be able to find export partners, where we will be able to present our domestic product.

We have fruitfully held negotiations with 8 organizations. We may not conclude contracts with everyone, but we have taken contacts, we will communicate. Trading companies have an interest in our products.

I am very grateful for the invitation, for the opportunity to be here, because such platforms are a great opportunity to make useful contacts, find partners, clients, and exchange experiences. And I am sure that the economy of Kazakhstan has a very great future, and such platforms create all the conditions for this future to come true.

I consider this platform a good place to meet colleagues, professionals from different markets, share experiences, tell interesting cases, and improve the quality of retail together, because now the CIS countries are emerging markets where there is virtually no competition. Here we need to communicate with each other, share experience, be partners, because as a result of consolidation and quality improvement everyone will benefit. Customers will receive good services, quality goods, and in general, retail will develop.

This is my first time in Kazakhstan, in Almaty. I really like everything. The people are nice, everything is very good organized. Very productive in terms of the commercial component. Many networks, many interesting contacts. We are warmly welcomed, showing positive interest in our products. And in general, we expect that we will regularly visit our business partners.

We participated for the first time, since the branch was opened only in August in Kazakhstan. We are just entering the Kazakhstani market, so this event was very important for us, and we planned to participate in it for a long time. Satisfied with the results. Our product is interesting. We met with almost all retailers, everyone showed interest in our products. We hope we will work and cooperate.

Elena, thank you very much for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in the event! It was very interesting and informative to hear the heads of industry management in the country, to meet and hear the retail leaders. Just pleasant and necessary networking with colleagues. Impressed by the trip to you, Michael helped a lot as a colleague and mentor! Everything is fine. I'm leaving today but I know I'll be back. I will be glad to communicate with you!

Thank you very much for inviting me to such a great event! The time spent for me was the most useful, and also brought a lot of positive emotions. I wish further prosperity to your organization and personal success to you!

Thanks a lot! The event was held at the highest level, I was very glad to take part, see you next time!

Hello. Thank you and your team for the opportunity to participate in such a large-scale event. We got a good experience, because it was the first time we participated in such an event. We managed to talk with many retailers, exchange business cards and preliminarily agree on further cooperation. Special thanks for the photo report)

In business, nothing is more important than personal contact. The conference provided an opportunity to make useful contacts and hopefully new partners.

Thank you for the excellent organization of the event! We hope to participate in similar conventions in the future.

BBS Trade LLP expresses its gratitude for the event. We hope that the meetings held with retail representatives will yield results. I have already started correspondence with buyers, we are discussing the terms of delivery and prices. Thank you for your cooperation!

I liked everything, everything was super. Interested in partnership with Georgia, Russia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. We found a lot of interesting contacts in these export directions. We have found and we have been found! Thanks a lot. Organization at a high level. Everything is great - we love it. In the future, we will also try to participate in such events, if your organization organizes them.

Dear organizers of the 16th Purchasing Congress of Suppliers and Retailers. We express our deep gratitude to you for the excellent organization of the congress. Your event not only helped to get acquainted with the leading retailers of many countries and outline the vector of mutually beneficial cooperation with them, but also to collect pictures of the structure of the markets of these countries, in fact, saved a lot of time and money that would be needed for the trip to each of these countries to obtain similar information. Sincerely, Gagarin Cannery.

Employees of Royal Cake LLC from the Smolensk region express their sincere gratitude to the organizers of the 16th World of Trade Convention. The past convention was very productive for our company - we managed to negotiate with target partners and agree on mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation with a number of key network clients in Kazakhstan. Also, the sessions were very informative - they made it possible to get acquainted with the latest trends in the Central Asian retail market. We would especially like to note the extremely successful choice of venue - the location of the participants in the immediate venue of the convention allowed us not to be distracted by solving transport and domestic issues, but to focus entirely on business communication. We would like to note the assistance rendered to us by the organizer of the event - Elena Sargaldakova - a huge thanks to you! From the wishes of the employees who participated in this convention: perhaps it would be useful to add a cultural evening program to get acquainted with the culture of the country where the convention is held; sightseeing tour of the city. We will be happy to consider proposals for participation in other similar events.

I express my gratitude to the organizers and participants of this event. This is a great opportunity to show oneself, exchange experience and find business partners. Direct negotiations are the highlight of the event, which allows, as they say, without leaving the cash desk, to come to an agreement. Thank you for your hospitality, Kazakhstan!

Thanks to the organizers and participants! Everything was great!

I thank the organizers of the World of Trade Convention for the opportunity to meet at this venue with international and domestic businesses. I, as a representative of Pradata, once again had the opportunity to get acquainted with representatives of companies from various business sectors, their products, and also present to them the possibilities of our service for setting up an analytical portal between a manufacturer and a distributor. Also, I was sincerely glad to meet at the convention with old acquaintances and our clients. World of Trade is an event that helps make the world of business more accessible.

This event is interesting because it brings together a large number of representatives of chains, various logistics and distribution companies that can help in marketing products. The convention is good organized. I liked the fact that, in addition to offline meetings with retailers, they organized online meetings, which can be very effective, because sometimes it is not possible to connect with those companies that are necessary for cooperation. The convention reveals pressing topics for both retailers and manufacturers. I think that this is an integral part, because it is necessary to involve various experts in order to maintain knowledge, gain new knowledge, understand what is happening on the market, and catch new trends. We already have about 10 potential partners in Kazakhstan. Now our next challenge is to find the right distributors to help us deliver. Our products turned out to be interesting and in demand, which is the most important thing.

We have been interested in entering to the countries of the near abroad for a long time, and Kazakhstan is the first country we came to. At the convention, I was interested in the list of participating networks. From Kazakhstan, all major chains were present, as well as Russian ones, which are also interesting for us. We managed to talk with Khabarovsk, most likely we will conclude an agreement with Krasnoyarsk, and with local networks. It turned out that we have a mutual interest. Here, in a short time, it is possible to talk with a large number of potential counterparties, and it is possible to establish contact. When you saw a person, it is already easier, you understand each other better. Nobody canceled personal contacts, even in our electronic age.

Holding such events is very important for us. At such events we meet with business representatives, learn the problems within the industry that we need to solve together, analyze the sphere of trade to build a direction to solve them.

On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine sincerely thank for the high level of holding the 13th congress of retailers and suppliers of the Convent "World of Trade" and its impeccable organization. Holding this convention is a great interest of Ukrainian and Kazakhstani business to cooperate, search for new markets and business contacts, establish mutually beneficial cooperation.

On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic and from the Kyrgyz companies that participated in the "World of Trade" Convent, thank you for the opportunity for Kyrgyz companies to participate in such a significant event and to provide all possible support with your hand.
Thanks to the professional support of the event organizers, Kyrgyz companies were able to present their products with dignity and establish the first contacts, which we hope will become a successful and fruitful cooperation in the future.

On behalf of the leadership of the Tajik Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we express our special gratitude to you for the warm welcome of our representative and members of the RT CCI. We hope for long-term cooperation!

With many retailers have talked, everyone is interested in Uzbek food and non-food products, because our suppliers are well aware of the world markets, very competitive. We have good and high-quality products. We are starting to sign a contract with a retailer from Kyrgyzstan. Thank you so much!

We would like to thank the organizers of the World Trade For the opportunity to best demonstrate the capabilities of four companies in the Sverdlovsk region: to present a kind of mini-shop within one stand, which housed a shopping mall equipment from The Staratel LLC, DK-SP LLC, DataKratE LLC, as well as products of the Standard Trading House. Thanks to the eventful program of the Convent, the companies held several dozen b2b negotiations. Concluded one export contract and one contract are under discussion for the details of the transaction. We very much hope for the further development of the meetings held in the new contracts. We wish the organizers of WORLD TRADE good luck and further growth!

We have no regrets that we came here. I myself witnessed the arrangements at the table about contracts. Everything has gone well, and we have a chance for further cooperation.

We see the consolidation of players in the Kazakhstan market. Here the task is to keep retail chains in their diversity. We annually accompany delegations of Russian manufacturers of 15 to 30 companies. So far, more positive results from meetings with Kazakhstani retailers.

The event is well organized. Direct negotiations with potential partners have been very successful. The presence of company executives at the site of the Convention made it possible to begin systematic work on cooperation with 5 partners already during the event

The event was useful for us, both in terms of opportunities to tell the audience of retailers about SAP technologies for modern retail and our projects, and in terms of new contacts and acquaintances. Two days passed in fruitful communication, which was greatly facilitated by the format of activities. The meetings you have organized have been very helpful. It turned out to be a really heartfelt event!

How organized here is interesting and pleasant, because we learn about the world markets, about trends in Kazakhstan and the CIS, both productively and instructively at the same time. We will participate next time.

I liked the whole atmosphere and the quality of the people we could talk to. There were interesting networks and all the ones we wanted to meet.

This event was very useful for us, because Kazakhstani buyers do not know about Afghan products. Now they saw them, checked the quality of the goods. They said our product is very, very good.

Dried fruits that we offer organic. They were interested in several supermarkets and shopkeepers. We have completed B2B meetings and now the buyers are getting acquainted with our products at the stand, that would personally test our products. We discussed weight, packaging and are very happy to have come here.

Quite a large number of companies attended the event from different countries. We managed to talk to all the companies of interest to us.

Negotiations were held with more than 20 companies. We plan to continue negotiations with 3 dealers and 1 network.

We are representatives of the delegation of agricultural producers from Kyrgyzstan. The format of the event is unusual and interesting. It is very convenient that participants can not only present their goods, hold negotiations, but also take part in business sessions, master classes, and round tables. The compact size of the event site provides

The event is organized at the highest level. Due to this, it was possible to negotiate with more than 20 potential customers. I want to note the great interest of retailers and distributors of Kazakhstan to Non-food products.

We met and talked with 5-6 networks from Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, Armenia and Azerbaijan. I think that these negotiations will develop into long-term contracts, and we will produce fruits and vegetables, canned goods, and non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages from Uzbekistan, not only in Kazakhstan, but also in other countries.

We first decided to present our products in Kazakhstan. We held many successful negotiations with almost all Kazakhstani networks. I am pleasantly surprised that in the process of negotiations not only acquaintance, but also a discussion of the terms of cooperation takes place.

We presented at the Convention a new mobile application for the delivery of goods. The opportunity not only to place a stand, but also to present your product in a format - presentations is a great opportunity to expand our customer base. The participants of the Convention are very positively cooperative. And the result will show time.

Very interesting event. The great interest of Russian manufacturers in the Kazakhstan market impresses.

In general, I liked it very much, the final goals that we set for ourselves, namely to hold meetings, negotiations with all key players were fulfilled. An extra bonus were very useful seminars, to informative "round tables" that introduced the specifics of the Kazakhstan market, master classes by Galina Panina and Sergey Ilyukha. The participation of representatives of NPP Atameken, and their interest in the overall positive results were pleasant. This is all a very unexpected bonus that exceeded expectations! The number of negotiations held is 25; these are 5 distributors and 20 networks, incl. from the Russian Federation. I would especially like to note the clear organization, the friendliness of the staff, the interest in the participants to establish contacts, readiness to help, competence in resolving issues were at the height. In the future we will take part. A good platform and format for building contacts.

Negotiations conducted with 7 networks for direct purchases. Very good and rich program of the Convention, very interesting participants.

We had 2 goals of participation in the Convention: expanding the representation of our products in the retail networks of Kazakhstan and searching for new manufacturers from the CIS countries to increase distribution contracts. Goals achieved. Unusual event format. We managed to show our products in the Hypermarket format exactly as it will be presented on store shelves, and conduct a tasting right on the site.

I liked the format of the site, it is quite democratic and there is the possibility of direct communication with buyers directly from the rack in the Hypermarket. There is an agreement to continue negotiations with 7 retail chains and 2 distributors. We are very pleased that we took part in this event.

I liked everything very much. There is an opportunity to listen to speakers and there is an opportunity to meet with all the participants. In general, this format looks very convenient, I can not notice the shortcomings.

I rate this event positively, everything was very positive. Perhaps I missed a number of important meetings / sessions, but only because there was one from our company. I managed to communicate with 14 networks of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation. Today we cooperate with many networks, but with a narrow range, we are interested in expanding cooperation. The site is good in terms of communication, participants and meetings.

We first decided to exhibit our product, and chose this convention. Conducted many successful negotiations with almost all networks that are present in the market of Kazakhstan

We came to Kazakhstan to start conquering the market. Present your modern, fashionable packaging in this market. For two days of negotiations, interest was enormous. Both at the wholesale companies, and at retail networks. Everyone is ready to make agreements with us.

Very actively, simultaneously you can hold a round of negotiations and find partners in trading networks

Plus - the establishment of contacts with the Russian, Kyrgyz - with any networks - with which we are not yet working. In our plans to go to Russia, Kyrgyzstan this year. Therefore, we conducted active negotiations productive.

There are a lot of topics that should have been discussed in more detail at the level of top retail. Because there is a misunderstanding due to a long chain of dialogue, the same category managers. Now ahead is a lot of work.

We brought to the meeting a large delegation of manufacturers from Poland. They have a great interest in the Kazakhstan market. And they were able to get all the information on the forum, ranging from product certification to logistics and contacts with retail chains.