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  • Grocery
  • Milk products. Cheeses
  • Meat products, fish, seafood, poultry, egg
  • Fruits, vegetables
  • All drinks: alcoholic, non-alcoholic, juices, water
  • Vegetable fats
  • Canned meat and fish
  • Coffee, tea
  • Semi-finished products, frozen products
  • Bread and bakery products
  • Baby food
  • Healthy eating
  • Dried fruits, nuts, spices
  • Vegetable preservation
  • Household goods
  • Goods for children
  • Goods for the garden and vegetable garden
  • Cotton-paper products
  • Household chemicals
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Goods and animal feed
  • Other Non-food
  • Another category


  • To complete the Form on this page of the site
  • To pay participation fee
  • To enter the information about the company, goods on the Virtual Stand registered for you on the online platform World of Trade
  • To confirm dates and times in a personal calendar of appointments assigned for you by retailers or other members
  • To select retailers or other participants of the Convention the World of Trade online platform and independently appoint negotiations
  • Conduct online meetings with potential partners in personal meeting rooms on the World of Trade online platform
  • To sign the contracts!


IMPORTANT! Information about the supplier / manufacturer is sent to about 100 buyers from countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus. From previous experience, each supplier is assigned a meeting of 5 to 35 buyers, depending on the proposed terms of cooperation by the participant.

    All online meetings are appointed personally by buyers according to the degree of their interest in the products of suppliers and manufacturers, and based on preliminary research: data from participants' questionnaires.


    For each supplier and manufacturer selected by buyers, a Virtual Stand with the placement of participant's personal information (videos, presentations, price lists, etc.) is registered on the closed online platform "World of Trade" together with Personal Virtual Meeting Room for individual communication with buyers and maintaining information confidentiality.


    For each participant in the negotiations, a personal calendar of meetings is formed in the personal account of the online service "World of Trade", each meeting lasting 30 minutes. The time of negotiations is set by the buyer depending on his time zone.




We managed to finish off the open-ended questions about negotiations with one network, which lasted a very long time. And this is noteworthy due to the fact that we started negotiations with this buyer back in the spring and all the time, for some reason, then from their, then from our side, we could not work out open questions to the end. And this despite the fact that we met with them in person at exhibitions twice. And today, within 20 minutes, I managed to discuss everything “live”. So, thank you very much for the opportunities offered by you and your software. You can also count us among those who have succeeded in the negotiations. We also received a request for a meeting, after discussion, we will report the results.

Thanks for the very professional support. I saw reputable buyers on the platform, large retailers. I am glad that such companies are in this platform. It means that this site has a good perspective.

At the present time, given the importance of online communication, especially when meeting in the trade, this platform is very convenient in the sense that suppliers and potential buyers can make appointments for each other, having first studied the list of products. We have already received requests from Russian companies that are already being processed, which is very nice to see. Develop, improve, I am sure that soon this site will cover others.

First of all, I want to say thank you for the high-quality idea of organizing a virtual exhibition and the opportunity to participate in it. I have no negative comments, everything is perfectly implemented, it works, the online seminars and lecturers are wonderful, qualified. The portal is excellent and I hope it will retain its functionality and can be used in the future.

I am very glad that this portal has been created and is functioning. We definitely need to develop this portal. It gives both parties the opportunity to find partners without intermediaries, which affects the price.

Thank you for the opportunity that you have given to the manufacturers. Despite the busyness of retailers, we have already been able to meet with two and agree on the delivery. It is gratifying that the exhibition has been extended. We would like to see representatives of Vkusville and Azbuka Vkusa among retailers.

Thank you very much for organizing such kind a platform, such meetings and online seminars. I try to participate in every seminar and see new announcers, get acquainted and expand my horizons. Unfortunately, for us processors, exporters of dried fruits, this period of time is very tense, and therefore, we could not particularly contact retailers and start discussions and cooperation. Although we had a couple of meetings, we started a dialogue with 2 retailers, we hope that soon we will start getting to know everyone with your help and start working.

I liked that this is a great tool for companies that are just entering the market with their products, as in our case.

All topics are interesting and timely, I like them. The speakers also speak well, and thank you for being able to organize a platform for communication and cooperation in this way, I think that such an online format will work on a long-term basis, since the time spent is longer and everything is at hand and contacts and meetings are easy to organize … The wish is that if God forbid you organize offline next year, then this format would be left in parallel, and the development of your product would turn into a business portal, where everyone concludes many transactions.

I would like to express my gratitude for such a convenient platform! Very comfortable!!! Today I replied to suppliers who sent me their offers and asked for CP from several more!

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